Why We Say NO To Drano

When your shower or sink starts draining slowly do you reach for the Drano? We know... using Drano or a drain cleaning chemical is SO easy and solves your problem. But, what if we told you more harm than good was being done to your pipes?


Prolonged use of any drain cleaning chemical will weaken the integrity of cast iron and eventually the bottom of the pipes will rot out and fall apart. PVC pipes also can be damaged! It's expensive to repair corroded pipes - so be careful!


Using drain cleaning chemicals it is just a temporary fix. Your clog will come back and then you will be forced to use a chemical yet again, which will lead to pipe damage we discussed above.


The chemicals in drain cleaning solutions can cause dangerous reactions with other chemicals such as sulfuric acid and bleach. It can emit a dangerous gas or can bubble up and burn your skin! Not to mention, if the drain cleaning chemical doesn't work and you call us the acids can damage our equipment, burn our skin or even damage your property if it gets on anything.

If you have a slow or clogged drain call us FIRST! We will clear your pipes out and keep them safe!

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