Signs Your Pipes Need to Be Replaced

Since you can't see your pipes it can be hard to know when they need to be repaired or replaced! There are some signs you can look out for.

  • Age - pipes don't last forever! If you are living in an older home then you might want to have your pipes inspected to prevent any major problems down the road.  
  • Corrosion - if you take a look at your pipes and see rust and/or corrosion then it is probably time for new pipes! You also might notice rust flakes in your water or a strange taste. If you do, call us and we will come take a look and give you some recommendations.
  • Frequently Clogged Drains - keep having clogged drains? It could be because your pipes are clogging themselves because of roots or even corrosion.
  • Leaks - Even a small leak can be a sign it's time for your pipes to be replaced. When we come out for a leak repair, let us look at all your pipes to make sure they are all still good.

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