Tree roots and your sewer lines

Wichita Falls and it's surrounding communities are blessed to have neighborhoods with beautiful mature trees! Trees add shade to our landscapes, but they have their disadvantages as well. (No, not because you have to rake leaves!)

Have you heard some gurgling in your toilets? It could be tree roots. Tree roots need water and fertilization - which sewer lines provide to them. We hate to break it to you, but by the time you discover tree roots it is too late. Tree roots can eventually cause a 100% blockage - so call us ASAP if you think you have this problem.

The signs of tree roots in your sewer lines are: multiple slow drains, toilets clog easily, and you have older trees around your home. Have trees around your home? You're at risk!

The best solution to clear your sewer pipes of tree roots is hydro-jetting. Hyrdo-jetting uses water under high pressure to completely clear the pipes of debris.


If you suspect you have tree roots in your pipes give us a call and we will come take a look!

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