Stormy Septic Season

Storm season is practically here so lets go over a few tips on how to care for your septic system and the things to watch for after a big storm surge!


  • Make sure your system is in good working order before the storms actually start. (Did you know that it's a law in Texas to have a maintenance plan on your septic system?) Which makes it SUPER easy to have regular maintenance work done!
  •  Direct any runoff water away from the lateral field (ie: the space between where your pipes are buried and where they connect to the tank or the sprinkler heads if your's is aerobic). French Drains... trenches... anything to redirect water runoff.
  • Avoid driving any and all heavy equipment over the lateral field. Anything heavy enough to leave tracks in the grass could damage what's underneath.
  • Keep an eye on the lateral field and water runoff during heavy indication that your system is in distress could be slow flushing toilets or sinks as well as water backing up into lower parts of your home.
  • After a heavy storm check your systems cleanout pipe to see if the standing water has changed or if its overflowing, check your pumps and control panels (if yours is an aerobic system) for electric damage. Ie: if it was hit by lighting its essential to get it back in working order ASAP.
  • Check for standing water in places in and around your home and your tank to know what needs to be readdressed before the next storm hits.

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