Thinking about upgrading your toilets during a house remodel? Or maybe you're getting ready to build and trying to decide which one to go with. It might come as a surprise, but there are dozens, literally, dozens of different style toilets. We know, who knew the porcelain throne came in so many shapes and sizes!

Let's talk options... and prices.  

1. One-Piece toilet

Not like a one-piece swimsuit, but still has it's perks. One piece is easier to clean without the crevices, a smaller water tank - meaning less to fill and refill and fill again, and generally comes with a toilet seat in tow. Downfalls? A bit pricier.

Price: $400 and up

2. Two-Piece toilet

You guessed, the most standard of all options. Comes with the most standard size options - tall/short, bigger/smaller, etc.

Price: $275-500

3. Upflush toilet

Bet you didn't see where this one was headed... you can literally put it anywhere you want in your house! It doesn't need a drain line.

Price: $1,100 and up

4. Small Compact toilet

Designed to fit in small bathrooms (and often in RV's and camper trailers), they are just what they say they are. They mount to a wall and don't have a tank!

Price: $225 and up

5. Corner toilet

Bet we got ya there, didn't we? Just like a corner vanity, you can put your triangle shaped tank in the corner opposite your sink!

Price: $400 and up

6. Wall Mounted toilet

Although these can often be deceiving, and appear like they have no tank. They do! It is typically mounted inside the wall that the toilet is attached to. Kind of weird.

Price: $200 and up (Don't forget to purchase your toilet seat on this one!)

7. Square toilet

These look like regular toilets - just - square shaped. How uncomfortable, right?! Besides their inconvenient comfort, these are often hard to repair when the time comes.

Price: $400 and up

8. Composting Portable toilet

You heard that right. A luggable loo. Take it where you need to go. Going off grid but not quite ready to go where the bears go? Perfect. Building a Tiny Home and want to save space for a full size shower? Perfect. These are designed to work like a compost - just not one you dump in your garden to make your veggies grow. They use bulking materials to absorb the moisture such as saw dust and wood chips.

Price: $80 and up

We could go on and on, but we think you get the point. There are so many options for your loo, choosing between them all may be the hardest part!

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