The Scoop on Water Softeners

Do you know what a water softener does? Or why you need one? We're here to let you know!

First of all, how do you know if you need one if you don't currently have one? There are some pretty easy signs to stop.Such as: your appliances have limescale or calcium buildup, your laundry is stiff, your glassware comes out of the dishwasher foggy, and more. If you are experiencing some of those symptoms you can purchase a hard water test kit from many different retailers. Click here for an example.


Now let's get down to what water softeners actually do. "Hard" water consists of water that contains minerals like calcium and magnesium. A water softener works by using a ion exchange. Basically, the water softener exchanges the calcium and magnesium for sodium. The water softener has beads that work to collect the other minerals and remove them from the water.

Water softeners are necessary to remove these minerals that can cause problems in your plumbing, appliances, hair, skin and more if they are present in high levels.

If you have any questions or want to chat about getting a water softener installed or need a repair - give us a call!

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