The Don'ts of Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are a standard in every kitchen in America, but do you know their rules?

Here are some don'ts

1. NO grease, oil, or fat - simply pour these liquids into a mason jar and dispose in your trash can. Pouring down your drain will cause your pipes to become clogged!

2. NO fibrous foods - things like celery stalks and corn husks will get tangled in your garbage disposal blades. Dump them in the trash can!

3. NO large amounts of food - gradually put food down the garbage disposal. Putting a large amount down all at once can cause your disposal to become clogged.

4. NO coffee grounds or potato skins - over time coffee grounds can clog your pipes and potato skins can clog the disposal!

5. NO harsh chemicals - if your kitchen pipes start running slow do not reach for a chemical pipe cleaner. The harsh chemicals can damage the garbage disposal drains.

6. Don't stop running water - never run your disposal without water! Keep the water going 10 seconds before, during, and 10 seconds after you are doing using it.

If you happen to get a jammed garbage disposal - check out this blog where Keith demonstrates how to fix it!

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