Traditional VS Tankless

If you're in need of a new water heater then you might be deciding whether you should purchase a traditional or tankless water heater. There are some BIG differences you need to be aware of.

The main difference is - a traditional water heater stores about 50 gallon of hot water at any given time for when you need hot water. Then, once those 50 gallons are gone it fills back up and works on heating that water. With a tankless hot water heater, either gas or an electric source heats the water up as you need it. So, it is not storing any water.

Advantages of a tankless hot water heater:

  1. More energy efficient
  2. Lifespan (20+ years when maintained properly)
  3. Endless hot water

The only drawback people have when choosing a tankless hot water heater is the cost. They are more expensive than traditional water heaters, but you should save money since they are more energy efficient. Also, their lifespan is double than what a traditional water heater has.

If you do decide to purchase a new water heater, let us install it! We can also do any  repairs you need.

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