Why Does a Plumber Cost What a Plumber Costs?

We get a lot of requests for pricing (usually exact) on services. While this is a hard thing to do, we will always try to get you the closest guess we can. All plumbing services vary. Whether we're coming out to rough in an entire new house, coming to fix a leak, or replacing old parts - our time and material cost will vary. We charge a steady rate for time, but materials will be different. Each call is like a thumb print. They're never exactly the same and will always require their own time and attention.

Here's a breakdown of how plumbing billing works: for a service call we will come out to your location and asses the problem. We typically have everything we would need on a truck, but on occasion we are required to go get special parts or more of something we need. We charge an hourly fee + the cost of parts. We will then complete the service and ensure that everything is working and will send you an invoice for the work. We do offer financing if needed if the job required extensive maintenance such as going under the slab of a home or building and a large amount of labor hours. These invoices will always show hour breakdown, and part breakdown to avoid confusion.

For a contract job such as a new build we typically can anticipate what materials are needed and how long it's going to take us. So we may be able to give you a price before we begin the work.

It is our goal to get everyone taken care of, so if you have questions before, during, or after your service -feel free to ask! We will always work with a customer who is willing to work with us!

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